The 2014 New York Screenplay Contest Winners

Grand Jury Prize Winner

"Operation No Moore" written by Michael Esser

Action / Adventure

  • Grand Prize Winner - "The Taking of the King" written by Nelson Blish
  • Empire Award Winner - "Kill" written by Rodger Griffiths
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Losing Time" written by Andrew Eisen

Biographical / Historical

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Grace" written by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel
  • Empire Award Winner - "Hidden West" written by Kimberly Tompkins
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Heart of the Monster" written by Richard Opper


  • Grand Prize Winner - "Get Happy!" written by Phil Lowe
  • Empire Award Winner - "Pure" written by Maggie Rowe & Andersen Gabrych
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "The Secret of Sleep" written by Joshua Katz


  • Grand Prize Winner - "A Life Without Frosted Glass" written by Jeremy Taylor
  • Empire Award Winner - "Halfway Home" written by David Schroeder
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "The Impossible Dream" written by Manoj Panicker

Family Film

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Claws, Paws and a Blue Macaw" written by Theresa Giese
  • Empire Award Winner - "The Long Way Home" written by Sharon A. Baker
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Charley’s Choice" written by The Writers Group

Horror / Sci-Fi

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Candy’s First Kiss" written by Brett Riley
  • Empire Award Winner - "April, Mei, and June" written by Paul Shiban and Mike Stark
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Littler Sister" written by Deirdre Patterson


  • Grand Prize Winner - "The Other Side of the Grass" written by Brian Streaty
  • Empire Award Winner - "Shaneytown" written by Christian Grier
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Blind Spot" written by Graham Parke


  • Grand Prize Winner - "A Lost Tribe in Amsterdam" written by Ian Sax
  • Empire Award Winner - "Hegira" written by Gannon Kenney
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "The Roof Bolter" written by Joseph Porter

Short Screenplay

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Brecknock Court" written by Oscar Nobi
  • Empire Award Winner - "Growing Still" written by Graham Stephen
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Hannah's Birthday" written by Juliet Bergh

Stage Play

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Sisters/Sistahz" written by Daysha Edewi
  • Empire Award Winner - "Stop at a Winner" written by Justin Scott
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Standing Water" written by Lynne McMahon


  • Grand Prize Winner - "Last of the Gods" written by Konstantinos Tsokalis
  • Empire Award Winner - "Fictional Journeys" written by Sabina Sattar
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "The Pizza Mafioso" written by Stevan Šerban

Television Concept

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Hellbound" written by Bernard Zeiger
  • Empire Award Winner - "The Factory" written by Matt Coppa
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Loose Cannon" written by Jennifer Bouani

Television Pilot - Drama

  • Grand Prize Winner - "TrainHoppers" written by Mark Schroeder
  • Empire Award Winner - "Posterus" written by Peter Szumlas
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Apalachee" written by Gannon Kenney

Television Pilot - Sitcom

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Outliers" written by Robbi D’Allessandro
  • Empire Award Winner - "Living with Linda" written by Diane Lisa Johnson
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Ms. Littlefield" written by David Minaskanian

Television Spec Script

  • Grand Prize Winner - "Breaking Bad: Sign your Name" written by Kyle Kulmann
  • Empire Award Winner - "Curb Your Enthusiasm- Susie’s Cousins Syndrome" written by Gavin Grant
  • Park Avenue Award Winner - "Archer: Fool’s Gold" written by Graham Currin