The 2017 New York Screenplay Contest Winners

Grand Jury Prize Winner

Locked In written by Holly Hargreaves

Action / Adventure

Grand Prize Winner - Stealing God written by Martin Blinder
Empire Award Winner - Dead Ringer written by Raymond Warrillow
Park Avenue Award Winner - Dollar Down written by J. Michael Aiken

Biographical / Historical

Grand Prize Winner - As An Actress written by Maria Hinterkoerner
Empire Award Winner - The Heart of a Tiger written by SreyRam Kuy, MD, MHS, SreyReath Kuy, DPM, Ross Raffin
Park Avenue Award Winner - The Experiment written by Jeffrey Allen Russel and Lynda Lemberg


Grand Prize Winner - The Moon Rules written by Reuben Baron
Empire Award Winner - Making It in Brooklyn written by George Rubino
Park Avenue Award Winner - Fear of Drowning written by Marcus Clark


Grand Prize Winner - Margot and Max written by Nia Ashley
Empire Award Winner - Bedeviled written by Chris Canning
Park Avenue Award Winner - The Space In-Between written by Lidia Skenderi

Family Film

Grand Prize Winner - The First Time For Penny written by Janice L. Walker
Empire Award Winner - Hit Sign, Win Pizza! Written by Steve Hermanos
Park Avenue Award Winner - Pageant Dad written by Liam Healy & Conor Healy

Fantasy Film

Grand Prize Winner - The Wonderful written by Demitra Papadinis
Empire Award Winner - Wrath written by Martin White II
Park Avenue Award Winner - The Between: Rise of the Hunter written by Timothy Swiney

Horror / Sci-Fi

Grand Prize Winner - Can You Smell The Flowers? Written by Malcolm Holt
Empire Award Winner - The Boy with One Ear written by Robert Fullerton
Park Avenue Award Winner - Epic Rynn written by Matthew Rochester


Grand Prize Winner - Finis written by Ernie Zibert Jr
Empire Award Winner - American Dream written by Charles Ancelle
Park Avenue Award Winner - Nemesis written by Carl Joglar

Short Screenplay

Grand Prize Winner - First Prize written by Carl B. Clark
Empire Award Winner - Stay Like Mercury written by Ryan Davenport
Park Avenue Award Winner - Half a Century written by Tessa Duke

Stage Play

Grand Prize Winner - Fishin' With Pops written by Damon Ragsdale
Empire Award Winner - A Kind of Marriage written by Charles Leipart
Park Avenue Award Winner - Being John Marshall written by Cile Pace


Grand Prize Winner - Mad And Bad Fairy Tale written by Stevan Serban
Empire Award Winner - The Imprint written by Sandra Stoodley
Park Avenue Award Winner - Dank Larfie written by Richard C. Haverick

Television Concept

Grand Prize Winner - The Third Tier written by Bonnie Hendrickson

Television Pilot - Drama

Grand Prize Winner - Unbearably Fine written by Susanne Pride Notman
Empire Award Winner - End of Life written by Sean Collins-Smith
Park Avenue Award Winner - October Mountain written by Ryan Davenport

Television Pilot - Sitcom

Grand Prize Winner - Sportsbians written by Jess Harris-DiStefano
Empire Award Winner - Whiteface Mountain written by Alvin Taylor
Park Avenue Award Winner - Jeff the Cyborg Who Works at the Mall written by Adam Modiano

Television Spec Script

Grand Prize Winner - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt “Dreamgirl" written by Sarah Phillips
Empire Award Winner - Modern Family "Relax, I Got This written" by Edward Pronley
Park Avenue Award Winner - Ray Donovan written by Gjok Dusi